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Our highly experienced LG Certified Engineers are just the right people to manage your repairs and give you great advice. We're so convinced you'll absolutely love our repair service that if for any reason you are not entirely delighted with your repair.

Same Day Delivery

LG mobile phone repairs are normally completed within 10 minutes - 4 hours upon arrival depending on the fault. Our engineers has sophisticated equipment, extensive knowledge, and the skills to repair your LG mobile device while you wait.

Pickup and Drop

Not just because we're the only one who offers this service, but because you're the one who benefit. What is it? We'll pick up your LG phone, fix it and bring it back to you, for free of cost! Call us now +91 - 7200 160 160

Expert Technician

Our bespoke personal service is complemented by fast, efficient delivery and first class customer service. Our team are highly trained and are able to offer outstanding technical support and an in-depth understanding of our products.

Lg Service Provider

LG Mobile Phones Screen Replacement

If you have a broken LG Mobile screen need to replace? A certified engineers from LG broken care will come to you to fix LG Mobile mobile. We only use original parts when fixing your LG Mobile mobile, so your device feels brand new again. We take excellence in providing the best and most efficient service for all our clients. We at LG Broken care offer all our clients Free Pickup and Delivery, Warranty/Guarantee Services, Same day Service on all your Repairs and even offer you the option of a Replacement Phone while your device is with us under Repair.

LG Mobile Phones Battery Replacement

Owing to an intentional software feature, LG Mobile will run slower if they have older, failing batteries. Most LG Mobile mobiles comes with good quality battery, but just like any other electronic product, battery of a smartphone can have problems at any time. It is obviously frustrating when your phone suddenly switch off because of faulty battery issue. If quality, efficiency, and productivity are the standard for a service partner, then we can be your solution for all technical worries related to LG Mobile.

LG Mobile Phones Charging port Replacement

if your LG Mobile device is unable to charge then due to lack of knowledge people think that the battery has collapsed whereas sometimes a damaged charging port can be the reason behind it. Only an expert can help you. We at Broken care present you excellent LG Mobile charging port repair and replacement services at affordable prices. we always carry stock of various LG PSP parts. Our team of experts are the pillar of our success. Their exposure in the field of LG Mobile charging port repair and replacement along with other distinct parts helped us in developing affordable and productive solutions. If you cant able to our highly experienced technicians equipped with latest tools and technology to carefully examine your LG Xperia Device and evaluate what’s the faults device has whether is repairable or not.

LG Mobile Phones Water & Liquid Damage Repair

Did your LG Mobile get wet? Did it fall into sea? Got water in your device unknowingly? Got the watermark on screen? Do you need the fast and affordable solution to fix your LG Mobile water damage? That’s what you get at Spny Broken care. We can fix 95% of your LG Xperia Z5 Premium water damage. We are fully confident with our services to repair the damage by liquids like water, any other liquid over mobile. We have an expert team of damage repair technicians with extensive experience in fixing liquid damaged mobile phone and tablets.