LG Optimus L5 Mobile Repair Service

As your LG Optimus L5 mobile plays a crucial role in your daily life for both personal and professional purposes, it is highly important to maintain its efficiency. Inspite of using the latest technology to produce an advanced product, users keep facing problems with their LG Optimus L5 mobiles.

We provide LG Mobile repair services in Chennai at our LG Broken care. We Repair and Replacement for your LG Optimus L5 Like Screen and Display Repalcement, Fast drained Battery Replaced, Water Log and Liquid Damage Fixed with Data, Mobile Not Charging, Charging Port Issues Fixed, Speaker and Mic Issues Fixed and Much More.

We are here to provide all the LG devices repair solution; our certified engineers commits to fast and reliable service to provide the best LG Repair Services in Chennai. Our highly experienced, LG Certified Engineers are just the right people to manage your repairs and give you great advice. We will make sure that you get suitable solutions for all your queries at budget-friendly prices.

LG Optimus L5 Service

Pickup and Delivery

We at LG Broken care offer all our clients Free Pickup and Delivery, Warranty/Guarantee Services, Same day Service on all your Repairs and even offer you the option of a Replacement Phone while your device is with us under Repair.

LG Optimus L5 Mobile Servicable Parts

LG Optimus L5 Screen & Display Replacement
Screen Replacement

Service Time: 1 Hour

LG Optimus L5 Charging Port Repair
Charging Port Repair

Service Time: 1 Hour

LG Optimus L5 Battery Replacement
Battery Replacement

Service Time: 30 Minutes

LG Optimus L5 Mic & Ringer Fault
Mic & Ringer Fault

Service Time: 30 Minutes

LG Optimus L5 Power Button Fault
Power Button Fault

Service Time: 30 Minutes

LG Optimus L5 Speaker Fault
Speaker Fault

Service Time: 30 Minutes

LG Optimus L5 Water Damage
Water Damage

Service Time: 5 Hours

LG Optimus L5 Software Issues Fixed
Software Issues Fixed

Service Time: 3 Hours